The iGumps Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Beratungsges.m.b.H. is an R&D enterprise of the SME sector. It is geared to scientific research and development in the field of applied psychology, based in Vienna, Austria. It is managed by its two founders, Mag. Ruth Pauline Wachter and Christian Schachenhofer.

Mission of the Company

The iGumps R&D is a capital company with the purpose of research and development in the field of applied psychology. In applied psychology, existing methods are transformed into new interventions or new methods developed on a scientific basis to solve problems in practice. The iGumps R&D, therefore, develops market-ready products and services with the requirement of a high qualitative standard to support people in their development.

Areas of Applied Psychology, which are iGumps R&D is focused on are Mental Health, Organizational Psychology, Psychological Counseling, Work Psychology, Health Psychology, Development Psychology, School Psychology and many more.

Vision of the company

iGumps R&D aim is to enable unrestricted, affordable and qualitative access to programs of applied psychology for the European population. The iGumps R&D combines research and development in the area of pplied psychology with state-of-the-art technologies from information and communication to solve biopsychosocial problems in practice.

The iGumps R&D is a full member of the American Psychology Association (APA) and the British Psychology Society (BPS) through its commercial director. This results in strict requirements, which the iGumps R&D must adhere in respect of the ethical guidelines and data protection.


Mission of Jagthecoach

JagtheCoach is concerned with Mental Health. According to WHO, Mental Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. A team of more than ten international, experienced and well-tried psychologists has for years developed, on behalf of iGumps, scientifically sound, high-quality, affordable, accessible mobile programs to achieve and maintain mental health at all times.

VISION of Jagthecoach

The goal of the JagtheCoach is to meet the globally accepted guidelines of the American Psychology Association (APA), covering the stages of primary and secondary prevention in the European area. Primary prevention includes all programs that minimize or eliminate biopsychosocial risk sources. Secondary preventive, on the other hand, already include programs that allow the identified risk group to understand and deal with the biopsychosocial risk.

More information about JagtheCoach can be found on the product page www.jagthecoach.com


Vision of Lee McPea

Lee McPea is a new generation of learning management systems. A generation that improves biopsychosocial factors using 3D video games and also provides the necessary educational material. Lee McPea is focused on the combination of learning goals, fun, and collaboration through the use of modern technologies.

Mission of Lee Mcpea

With Lee McPea it is possible to improve knowledge in mathematics, German, English, and to meet individual needs of the players. The subject matter of the 5th - 8th Class is available to the players, in digital form and using modern didactic methods. Many researchers explicitly define eLearning not as a cheap version of learning but as more efficient when it comes to the time and cost involved compared to output (Njenga & Fourie, 2010; Moller et al., 2008; Childs et al., 2005) ).

The development of Lee McPea is funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research, and the Economy and managed by the Austria Economic Service, within the framework of the creative industry.

You can find more information about Lee McPea on our product page www.leemcpea.com